The Digital Audition

Do you have a website? A demo? A great headshot and resume isn’t enough anymore! Casting directors are increasingly relying on digital media submissions to prescreen who they invite to audition. They first review the video and/or audio files before looking at emailed or snailmailed headshots. Sometimes they don’t get to those at all. This is a huge time and money-saver for casting, who are eager to avoid spending lots on space and accompanists for auditions. So… get cracking on your site and demo. You may have some material already, if any of your past performances were video recorded. There are website templates you can plug into to build your site, if you have the skill and patience. I lack both, and am grateful to Patrick Sasso for building this site. Pat also does web design, audio and video demos for actors. He’s super nice and affordable. And by all means, if you have any decent video of yourself performing, put it on Youtube!

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