Soooo many exciting bookings lately! Are you next? Come in for lessons!

Imagine the perfect audition…

Tracey Grimaldi

You walk into the room relaxed, confident, and prepared.

You hand the accompanist a 16 or 32 bar cut that is clearly marked and set your tempo. You take your space, cue the pianist and sing. The song showcases the very best in your voice, complements your character type, is meaningful to you personally, and is just right for the project or program. You sound great, your acting choices are clear, you own the room. See More…

A smile from Casting or Admissions, then “good job” or “great song choice!” or “Can we hear something else?” You offer a contrasting song that showcases another dimension of your talent. You are ready for anything, because your book is loaded with well-chosen songs from every area of contemporary, traditional and pop music for today’s diverse theater scene.You are a professional who knows and loves your craft…and it shows!

And if it’s a digital submission, you’ve got a great self-tape to send. You’re ready for your callback, you’re ready to book the job!