Studio News

Sooo busy lately with weekly students working extra hard and several newcomers and referrals. I’ve never been so booked. Everyone’s been showing up with great energy. We’re so excited for Allison Mixon, who booked Superfly, the new Bill T Jones project. Erin Wegner Brooks checked in to say how much she’s loving her stint as Vivenne in Legally Blonde, and she got a great review from a theater reporter. Sam Gedymin just finished a tour of a new musical workshop and got invited to do a reading of another new play directed by Moises Kaufman! Karlee Ferreira came this close with Bring It On, and is off to her appointments for Rock of Ages, and the new beach boys show, along with Laura Meade and Alica Taylor-Tomasko. John Sorensen-Jolink’s got a callback for Amazing Grace, just about everyone’s been in for Annie, and we still have 2 little Annie’s – Charley Tiernan and Anabelle Hoffman looking forward to their next round of callbacks (there have been several!) Speaking of Anabelle, she just nailed it at the open call for Mary Poppins and got a callback for Jane Banks. Go Bellie!

Was thrilled to see Samantha Zack doing her thing in How2Succeed again on Nick Jonas’s first night up. Thanks for the invite Sam! Derek and I were also celebrating his acceptance to Goucher College that night, so it was twice as sweet. So even as I’ve struggled through 2 months (!) of bronchitis and the sad loss of our beloved cat Fiyero, I am so grateful to have such fabulous students and for being part of the theater community.

“Hello” Lindsey

A huge YAY! to Lindsey Bracco for booking an upcoming regional production of Hello Dolly. She’d barely returned from doing Guys and Dolls in Florida (oh, and thanks for walking in here with a gorgeous tan when we New Yorkers were still stumbling through the endless ice and black slush!) and made a beeline for my studio.  3 lessons and booked her next job – wow!


Congrats to Samantha Zack and Charlie Williams

Can’t wait for opening of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying…2 of my students are in it!  Congrats to Samantha Zack and Charlie Williams. Speaking of Sam Z., she has always been diligent about voice lessons, even when she’s doing a show. She was in Wicked for 3 years and made it here whenever her rehearsal and performance schedule allowed. She even goes to open calls sometimes while doing a show, just to make sure her audition skills stay sharp.  Great strategy!