Bleecker prompting


Basic prompting package includes operator, prompting computer with peripherals and backup, and 1 camera mounting, lens-line prompter or direct view prompter monitor. Additional equipment added as needed.

Film and Video Shoots

Camera-mounted, lens-line prompters:
A lightweight, lcd monitor with a trapezoidal hood and glass beamsplitter mirror (1/2 stop) mounts to the tripod so the camera lens nestles inside the hood. The talent can read the script while their gaze appears fixed directly into the lens. The camera can tilt or pan as needed and the prompter moves with it. The prompter can also be freestanding, set upon a cstand with a 'pancake' if the camera operator plans a locked off shot.

Equipment available includes:
15" camera mounted lens line teleprompter – recommended when talent is more than 15' from camera, has poor eyesight, or a larger camera or matte box is in use.
A 20-25 lb. head or larger is recommended.
12" camera mounted lens line teleprompters - smaller and lighter than 15", still quite easy to read, a great field unit for video shoots and can mount to a jib.
8" above the lens teleprompter - for steadicam.

Direct View Prompters
Prompter monitors can also be used without the mounting hardware, hood or glass for 'direct view' prompting. This is ideal when the speaker's eyeline should be away from the camera. It works well for interviews or scripted conversations in infomercials or sales training videos. There are many creative ways to place the monitors on set so script can be read but the intended audience will not see them.

This increasingly popular application is ideal for recording interviews. 2 prompter units are employed. The video image of another person's face appears in the prompter, via a 2nd camera nearby. The interviewer and interviewee are able to talk to each other and make direct eye contact, while still having their eye lines straight into the camera lens. Interrotron is also effective for young children and trained animals. A 15" lens line prompter is mounted to the 'A' camera - a broadcast quality camera directed at the interview subject, and a 12" prompter covers the 'B' camera – any small unit that works and is directed at the interviewer (often the producer or director). Each camera output is fed to the input of the opposite prompter monitor. If the A camera is high definition, a down converter must be used, which can be rented from Bleecker Prompting.
It is easy to switch between prompting text and sending interretron video in the course of one shoot.

Prompting for Live Events

Presidential Podium Prompter
2 lcd monitors nestle on the floor by a speaker podium, poles extend up from base and holding glass beam splitter mirrors. The speaker reads text reflected in the glass, but can also make eye contact with the audience. The audience does not see the text; just the speaker's face. Used for political events, corporate meetings and award presentations. It is highly recommended that speeches are well-rehearsed and coached prior to live events (see 'Speech Coaching').

Large House Monitors
Large video monitors are placed in the audience area. Ideal for events where several speakers will appear. The speaker is not restricted to the podium and free to roam about as they read script and connect with the audience. Large monitors can be rented from a video equipment supplier.