Bleecker prompting


Basic Package - $800/8 hr. day
Includes operator, prompting computer with peripherals and backup, and 1 lens line camera mountable prompter (8", 12" or 15") OR direct view monitor.
Delivery, Additional Equipment, Overtime and Meal Penalty charges additional as applicable.

Additional Equipment
$250/day for 2nd camera mounted prompter
$150/day for 3rd camera mounted prompter
$150/day each for additional prompter monitors without camera mount
$150/day for 8" mini-prompter for steadicam
$50/day down converter (hi-def to composite video)
$350/day for 'Presidential Podium' public speaking prompter

Delivery Charges (includes pickup and return) –
$50-60 within Manhattan (cost of car service to and from location).
$60 car fee plus tolls and parking outside Manhattan.
Additional delivery fees apply that require courier service, for multiple prompter units and/or presidential podium prompter.
Clients are always welcome to make their own arrangements for equipment transport and no delivery fees will be charged.

After 8 hours (meal off clock), $100/hr. to 10 hrs, $150/hr. to 12 hrs, $200/hr. beyond 12 hours.
Sunday surcharge $100.
For interrotron shoots, where the operator is not needed during the actual shooting, overtime will not be billed if the op is free to leave for the day and return to wrap.
Overtime is billed after midnight or before 6 am regardless of call or wrap time.
8 hr. day is marked from exit to reentry of Manhattan; commute time beyond applies to shoot day & overtime may apply.
Please note that prompter setup time (30-45 minutes) is often significantly less than other departments. Overtime can often be avoided or minimized by emailing script in advance of shoot/event day and giving prompter a later call time than other members of the crew. 1 to 1½ hours prior to scheduled rehearsal or roll is sufficient.

Meal Break Policies and Penalty Schedule
Food keeps our wonderful prompter ops happy and alert!
A working breakfast should be provided for early morning calls and beverages made available throughout a work day.
1st meal break within 6 hours of call time. If needed, 2nd meal break 5 hours after end of 1st break. 1 hour walkaway or ½ hour catered. Please advise if food will not be provided so we can plan accordingly.
Meal Penalties - $15 for the 1st half hour past break time, $15+ increasing increments of $2.50 for each additional ½ hr until meal is provided or wrap.
We prefer never to incur meal penalties!

Payment Schedule
For new, occasional or out-of-town clients, payment is due on shoot or event day.
Check or cash, please. At this time, Bleecker Prompting does not accept credit cards; PayPal account arrangements may be available soon.
For clients with an established credit history with Bleecker Prompting, payment is due within 30 days of service.