Bleecker prompting


Bleecker Prompting was founded by Tracey Grimaldi in 1990. The industry was in transition, from old, bulky equipment to sleeker, lighter options requiring stronger technical and interpersonal skills from the operators. Producers and corporate clients were frustrated with the limited options and spotty service available at the time. They wanted more reliable equipment and educated, polished prompter operators. Bleecker Prompting responded and proudly continues this tradition of excellent service.

A good teleprompter operator is a trained professional who works well with everyone: crew, production, client and talent. The op may work with a colorful entertainer one day and a high level politician or corporate executive the next. The op must be able to lift, assemble and operate the equipment, be a fast and accurate touch typist, an excellent speller, offer copy adjustments in grammar, style and continuity and be sensitive to the talent or reader's needs in pacing, font size, spacing, reading or learning challenges, language, regional or cultural differences, and able to assist in spelling difficult words phonetically. Prompter ops may called upon to follow and scroll several languages in one shoot. They must adapt to different environments, sensing when to be an active participant in script decisions and when to sit quietly and defer to others. These are the qualities Tracey has developed in her own work and that she looks for in all of the freelancers she hires.