2 Little Stories

This week 2 new students came into the studio, referred by their agents. 1 was an actor, the other a young folk singer/songwriter who was a recent TV talent show finalist. Neither had any vocal training or had ever been to a Broadway musical audition. Both had appointments for major auditions that their agents had set up. I had 1 hour – that’s it! – with each to prepare them. I had to boil 6 months’ worth of technique into about 20 minutes, then help the actor pick 2 contrasting songs for his show, the folk singer learn 2 songs from the lead role she was about to be seen for. I knew it was unlikely, under these circumstances, that either would book the roles. But I wanted to make sure they still felt their lesson was a valuable experience and that the audition process would not be scary. Well, here are their comments:

“Didn’t get a chance to tell you about the audition. It went really well. You totally prepared me for everything. He loved ‘The Midnight Hour’ and then he asked if I had something longer and I gave him the Sinatra. Thank you so much! There was no room for nerves because I knew what was coming.
🙂 I will back in town in a week and a half and as soon as I get a check I want to start my lessons!”
“First of all! Thank you so much for getting me prepared for the audition. In just an hour you helped make singing 100 times easier for me and I’m so grateful for that. I didn’t get the part, but they did say it was a pleasure meeting me and they liked me but I just wasn’t right for the role. So overall good feedback. There were only nice things said and that makes me proud of myself! Thank you so much again!!”

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