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Imagine the perfect audition…

Tracey Grimaldi

You walk into the room relaxed, confident, and prepared.

You hand the accompanist a 16 or 32 bar cut that is clearly marked and set your tempo. You take your space, cue the pianist and sing. The song showcases the very best in your voice, complements your character type, is meaningful to you personally, and is just right for the project or program. You sound great, your acting choices are clear, you own the room. See More…

A smile from Casting or Admissions, then “good job” or “great song choice!” or “Can we hear something else?” You offer a contrasting song that showcases another dimension of your talent. You are ready for anything, because your book is loaded with well-chosen songs from every area of contemporary, traditional and pop music for today’s diverse theater scene.You are a professional who knows and loves your craft…and it shows!

And if it’s a digital submission, you’ve got a great self-tape to send. You’re ready for your callback, you’re ready to book the job!


Rachel Thalman

The Phantom of the Opera (Asia Pearl Tour), Oklahoma! (STAGES St. Louis)
When I first came to Tracey, I was a ballerina new to NYC and transitioning her way into the musical theater world. Singing, especially singing in an audition setting, was a new territory for me. Tracey’s dance knowledge really helped me understand certain aspects of singing technique. There were many occasions where I could be seen singing while pliéing in Tracey’s living room! Through Tracey’s coaching, I began to find a confidence in my voice and in myself. This confidence translated into the audition room and resulted in booking jobs! I am so grateful I found Tracey. She really is the catalyst that propelled my musical theater career. I greatly look forward to each lesson we have together and the fun and laughter we share!

Nicole Athill

Tuacahn Center for the Arts (The Little Mermaid, When You Wish, The Sound of Music)
Tracey has been the most incredible mentor to me throughout my first few months of living in New York City. She has given me the confidence to be truthful in my work, to own the space in the audition room, and to have fun! I was never confident in my voice and I only considered myself a dancer first before seeing Tracey. After a couple of lessons with her, she assured me that I am equally a singer as I am a dancer. She helped me revamp my book, get specific with acting choices, and find material that suited my personality. She truly changed everything for me. Tracey is exceptional at what she does and I owe it all to her for preparing me for the whirlwind that is audition season in New York City!

Rachael Scarr

Nice Work if You Can Get It (1st Natl Tour - Eileen Evergreen), Jekyll and Hyde (World Tour), Ever After (Paper Mill - World Premiere), Hunchback of Notre Dame (Argyle Theatre), Kiss Me Kate (Merry-Go-Round)
Tracey is one of the smartest, most well-rounded coaches I have ever worked with. She knows exactly how and when to push you, what material showcases your voice best, and how to spruce up any audition or callback. She is a one-stop-shop for audition cuts, acting beats, breath support, and vocal choices. She really knows her stuff and how to make you feel confident!

Bradley d Gale

Chicago & National Tour: The Book Of Mormon, Regional: East Coast premiere Summer of Love (Ogunquit), Gay Bride of Frankenstein, All Shook Up (Dean), High School Musical(Ryan), Joseph... Dreamcoat (Reuben), National: Oz The Musical (Tinman/original cast recording), Off-Broadway: The Columbine Project
I was first introduced to Tracey on the heels of a four month break from auditions. Her passion for my continued growth as a vocalist and my subsequent success as a performer was nothing less than inspiring. After just two amazing lessons with Tracey, I had four auditions back under my belt and two job offers from those auditions! Walking into her studio is like walking into your biggest fan club; that is of course if that fan club is not afraid to tell you what sounds awful when it sounds awful. Her critique is nothing but constructive and her accolades are well earned. Tracey teaches by the motto that her success as a vocal coach is a direct result of our success as performers. I know that because of this Tracey will have continued growth and success. I would send anyone I know her way with the full knowledge that they would both love intensely and learn immensely from her! Tracey rocks!

Wesley Faucher www.wesleyfaucher.com

Matilda (Broadway & 1st Natl Tour), Rock of Ages (nat’l tour & Vegas), Broadway Bares, Glee, America’s Best Dance Crew, NFL ProBowl Halftime Show
Tracey is the full package every performer needs for auditions. She is a true coach and technician all in one. She has the best song choices and cuts for any audition. Tracey gave me the confidence to nail my final callback for the Matilda tour, and I would recommend her to any performer!

Rosie Lani Fiedelman

Broadway: The Lion King, In The Heights (orig. cast member), Off-Bway: Jennifer Muller/The Works (company member 7 yrs)
Tracey has given me the confidence to walk into an audition and sing with passion and a strong technical base. I have improved so much in my breath control, vowel placement and overall range growth. Tracey inspires me to be a singer. I have been dancing my whole life, now I feel that with her help I, have the skills to become a better vocalist. She captures the essence of technique while inspiring you with her passion for music and encouraging you to put your individual spirit into the music. You walk away feeling stronger, more inspired and excited to pursue your music!

Corey John Snide www.coreyjohnsnide.com

Cats (Bway - Coreycopat) Bandstand the Musical (Papermill), 13 (Evan, Bway), Billy Elliot (Billy, West End & Aust), ABC's Cupid (ABC), One Life to Live (ABC), Juilliard,
Singing is not something I ever felt confident doing more publicly than the seclusion of my own shower. The first lesson I had with Tracey was in 2008 when I was a teenager and the moment I walked in, I knew she would be the one to help me overcome the fear. Her ability to translate technique into a language that you will instantly respond to is one of my favorite things about her. Tracey has a unique way of bringing out your personality through your voice, which is really what you need in an audition to seal the deal. Tracy is also interested in all of the details that matter when you present yourself in an audition and making sure you walk in looking as professional and ideal for the job as possible.

Clifton Davis www.cliftondavis.com

Actor/Singer/Songwriter, Broadway: Aladdin, Wicked
Tracey Grimaldi is an excellent vocal coach. She is a talented professional who knows how to listen, assess and assist her clients, from beginners to experienced artists like me. I heartily recommend her services.

Genny Lis Padilla www.gennylispadilla.com

1st Nat'l Tour: In The Heights (Nina, Carla), Regional/National/Off-bway: Rent, Junie B. Jones, Frida Liberada
Tracey Grimaldi is the coach you want on your team if you are an aspiring musical theater performer. Tracey helped me build a strong book for auditions that showcased my talent at its best. It is with her help that I have booked professional work. I am thankful for her professionalism and her passion for music and musical theater. I highly recommend her! She will find the right material you need to land jobs and build your career.

Charlie Williams www.iamcharliewilliams.com

Broadway: How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, Memphis, LA: Leap of Faith
Tracey's coaching has helped me gain confidence in my voice and feel 100% prepared for auditions. She knows what works and knows how to get your singing voice to it's fullest potential. She's awesome!

Katya Preiser www.katyapreiser.com

Guys & Dolls (Goodspeed), (The Metropolitan Opera)
Working with Tracey has completely changed my career for the better. I started working with her upon my agent's request, as soon as I arrived from LA to NYC. I was a dancer who only sang because I "had to". Tracey has changed all of that. She challenges me and gives me the tools and training I need to go in and book the job. She highlights my strengths and helps me work through the areas that need improving. Her ability to "speak dancer" has helped me transition from being a silent dancer to an actress with a voice and something to say. I can proudly say that through consistent work with Tracey, I now love singing and the power to express myself in a whole new genre. She truly cares about her students. She even Skypes lessons with me when I'm out of town working! Tracey has made me feel at home in this industry. I look forward to working with her and seeing where the road leads us next. Thank you Tracey!

Luis Villabon

Performer: A Chorus Line (NY, nat’l, int’l), Peter Pan (w/Cathy Rigby), Reefer Madness, Naked Boys Singing!, Cooper Savage, Twist. Readings: The Curse of Batvia, Mean, Sharknado. Film/TV Pan Am, 30 Rock, Julia & Julia, Wolf of Wall St. Fashion show & theatre director, choreographer, voice-over artist.
Having a lesson with Tracey is like condensing a vocal master class, an audition workshop and an acting lesson through song coaching, all in one of the most productive hours of my week! When I have a session with Tracey, I know I'm going to nail my audition! I've gotten a last-minute call for an audition and emailed her the sheet music and mp3. By the time I walk into her studio, she has the sheet music on her computer monitor at the piano, ready to go. Hers is a very techno-friendly environment. I've even been able to film things at her studio for submissions. As a repertoire coach, she ROCKS! Take advantage of Tracey's extensive knowledge of musical theatre/pop/rock to build your book and keep your chops up.

AJ Meijer about.me/ajmeijer

Heathers the Musical, Inside Acting podcasts
Having trained privately with vocal coaches since college, I have never had anyone be so conscious of the full picture as Tracey. Talk about someone who just 'gets it'! When you're working with Tracey, you're not just working on your vocal technique - though she excels at that, as well - you're also working on acting, auditioning, and your career as a whole. My confidence in the audition room has skyrocketed since working with Tracey!

Becca Lee

The Prom (Alliance Theatre), Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Other Regional: Wedding Singer (Holly), HS Musical (Gabriella), Music Man (Zaneeta), Ogunquit Playhouse, N.Carolina Theatre, Knicks City Dancer, MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew", NBA AllStar Game 2015
Working with Tracey the past several months has truly helped me to get my career back on track. I especially love working with her for my musical theater audition preparation because not only does she ensure that I am comfortable with the notes I am singing, but she pushes me to make smart acting choices and really tell a clear and honest story through my song. A session with Tracey is like a voice lesson and acting lesson all in one and it has helped me immensely. I am now more confident than ever in an audition room and because of this I recently booked a show in NYC! I have no doubt that training with Tracey has put me in the best position for success. And I must mention that Tracey goes above and beyond for her students and has done so for me on multiple occasions. There are times when I get e-mails from her on a Saturday because she just heard a song that she thinks would be perfect for me. How lucky am I to have found someone so caring and dedicated to her students! I cannot recommend Tracey enough.

David Artavia www.davidartaviaactor.com

Regional/Tours: Junie B. Jones (Sheldon, Theatreworks 2015 national tour), Mary Poppins (Robertson Aye), RENT (Angel), Silversea Cruises, Homo: The Musical, Pippin, Sweet Charity, Seussical
I've booked multiple gigs thanks to Tracey's input. Her intuition is spot-on when sculpting audition pieces that it's changed my whole outlook on what I have to offer. She helps me with video submissions, last minute callbacks and general auditions. Our work together is incredibly honest, and she never holds back on minor details that are easy to miss. Tracey is more than just a coach. She's a serious investment on my career. Her goal is for me to book, and she's done a great job.

Jenny Hickman

Regional: Witches of Eastwick (Ogunquit), Mary Poppins (WV Public Theater), CCM: Carrie, Parade, Chess. Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.
Tracey has been the biggest source of professional support for me in my first year in the city. She has been an invaluable resource in helping me revamp my book and craft a memorable and professional audition, as well as helping me find myself and zero in on the performer I have always wanted to be. It is rare that you find a teacher in the city who cares so deeply about her students’ success and does whatever is within her power to help them succeed and book the job. I cannot recommend her enough.

Brittany Velotta www.brittanyvelotta.info

Are You There Morgan Freeman?
I originally came to Tracey to focus on musical theatre audition prep, but as my focus shifted to writing and performing in my own works, she adjusted her teaching to support my new goals.Tracey has been extremely supportive with my artistic endeavors since day one. She has even helped me master the ukulele whilst singing. I always feel relaxed and encouraged because she offers a safe environment to work on your skills.Tracey has definitely helped me break out of my shell and find my confidence with singing. She reminds me that it’s ok to enjoy myself and not take things so seriously. I’ve been taking lessons with Tracey for almost two years and continue to strive for vocal excellence as I take my One-Woman Show Are You There, Morgan Freeman? to the 2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival.Tracey is a true believer and supporter for all great artists honing their craft!

Shane Killen

LaGuardia HS student
I went to Tracey Grimaldi to prepare for the Laguardia High School Audition for Vocal Music. I had no voice training whatsoever going into this experience, and had only sung while playing guitar or for fun. Tracey was a very patient teacher and also improved my voice technique immensely. She helped me prepare a song for the audition, taught me how to match pitch while learning basic music Theory, and we worked on rhythm exercises. Tracey gave me the confidence and determination to succeed so I felt prepared walking into the audition and I was accepted into the Vocal Studio. Today I am part of two ensembles, Mixed Chorus, and Show Choir and have performed with the Elementary Chorus last June. I feel I would not have done as well if it were not for Tracey's help.

Charley Tiernan www.charleytiernan.com

Cinderella, Annie, (title roles), The Whitney Players, Ivoryton Players, Alliance Children's Theater, Winner/Finalist - Southington Icon, Nexstar, Onstage NY, soloist at sporting events
Tracey is so much fun! Whenever I walk in the door she always has a song ready for me to learn. Whenever I have an audition I already know the song. One time when I was doing an audition the guy even said "You know more songs than I do." I am so glad I know all those songs. Thank you Tracey!

Erin Wegner Brooks www.erinwegner.com

Regional - Legally Blonde (Vivienne Kensington), 1st Nat'l Tour - Young Frankenstein, Cirque Dreams, Jubilee, Walt Disney World
Tracey Grimaldi is wonderful! She pushed me vocally to do things I thought were not possible. After just a few sessions with her, my belt completely opened up. As a classically trained soprano, I am belting higher than ever before! She not only believed in me but opened up her personal network and helped me secure new representation. She's amazing!

Barton Cowperthwaite

An American In Paris (1st Natl Tour), The Lar Lubovich Dance Company, Pontus Lidberg Dance, Bad Boys of Ballet, Center Stage 3 (Damon, feature role, upcoming film)
Boy oh boy, where would I be without Tracey Grimaldi? I started classes with Tracey at the beginning of the year. In two months I had my first ever Broadway tour contract offer. Tracey has an inviting teaching style that really engaged me. I enjoyed our lessons and felt that I had an educated and passionate teacher. I would recommend Tracey to new and professional singers alike. She can bring a song to life within her students. I appreciate her involvement in my development as a singer and artist, greatly.

Samantha Zack

Broadway: How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, Wicked (B'way & Nat'l)
Invest in a sturdy backpack when you start coaching with Tracey, because soon youʼll be carrying around a huge binder full of new music thatʼs appropriate for you, in every genre, and what do ya know?.... youʼll actually enjoy singing it. She knows exactly what to say to a dancer to make you understand how to fix, tweak, breathe, etc. I first went to Tracey as a dancer with almost no previous vocal training. Now I'm a dancer who can sing and feel confident about what I bring into the room.

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About Tracey

About Tracey
Tracey Grimaldi is a lifelong musician and theatre lover who accompanied and coached singers for years before officially launching her professional vocal teaching studio in 2001. She has a dynamic, industry-centric, results-oriented approach to teaching to develop all aspects of a performer, incorporating book building, presentation skills, breath support and vocal technique for theatrical auditions and performing arts program admissions, while maintaining the passion of storytelling through song. In addition to focusing on live audition preparation, Tracey’s background in TV/film production has proved invaluable in helping students produce audition videos for digital submissions.

Tracey’s students have appeared in Broadway, National and Regional productions, including: The Book Of Mormon, Matilda, Cats, An American In Paris, Jersey Boys, Wicked, RENT, How 2 Succeed, The Lion King, Shuffle Along, The Prom, Mary Poppins, Hair, In The Heights, West Side Story, Chicago, Get On Your Feet, Legally Blonde, 9 to 5, The Witches of Eastwick, Beauty and the Beast, The Merry Widow, Superfly, Smash, We Will Rock You, Evita, Leap of Faith, A Chorus Line, 13, The Capeman, The Civil War, and Pal Joey. Her younger students have gained admission to LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts, PPAS, Special Music School, university performing arts programs, and have earned leads in competitive youth and regional theatre companies and summer programs, including Stagedoor Manor and French Woods.

Many of Tracey’s students are referred by the agents and managers she maintains productive relationships with due to her high casting rate. She brings equal enthusiasm to working with singers, actors and dancers. Tracey believes in the importance of tapping into each artist’s area of strength and that all disciplines of the performing arts should be connected. She works privately with adults, teens, tweens, and children from her Upper West Side studio, and teaches group workshops at outside studios and performing arts programs.Tracey holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Ithaca College with a minor in Communications. She attends professional development courses held by NYSTA (New York Singing Teachers’ Association), of which she is a proud member.

Tracey is also the founder, owner, and operator of Bleecker Prompting, Inc., a premier TelePrompTer company. She has worked with hundreds of celebrities, politicians, newscasters, industrial actors, and corporate executives, as a prompter operator, speechwriter, and public speaking coach for television, film, and video shoots and live events.

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Voice Lessons and Rates

Studio Lesson
Whether you’re a highly trained performer looking to book feature roles or less experienced in singing hoping to join an ensemble, you will be prepared and ready to make bold choices in the room and on the stage. We work on technique, repertoire, audition prep, performance, organization and career trajectory. For performing arts program auditions (high school, college, youth theatre) we will develop other necessary skills, such as sight singing, ear and rhythm training, which are specific to the program’s requirements. Bring your book, recording device, headshot & resume and a sense of adventure!

Read about creating a self-tape for auditions.

See the NYC Musical Theatre Audition Workshop Gallery!

NYC Vocal Lessons and Rates (lessons are 50 min)

  • Adults – $125 cash
  • Juniors (to 17) – $110 cash
  • Add $10 for check or Venmo, (Venmo ID @Tracey-Grimaldi)
  • Video self-tape shoot (double slot 100 min) – $275*
  • Package rates – pay in advance for 4-pack or 10-pack lessons and save on lessons and video shoots! You’ll also get a discount on workshops & free 30 minute career consult.
  • Group Workshops
  • Master Class stipend: $200-$300 plus transportation/housing if needed.

Self-tape Recording for Digital Submissions

Record here in my studio with live accompaniment and have a polished piece to submit. Amanda shares her experience:

Watch more New York City Audition Coach Videos!

Skype Lesson

Skype Vocal Lessons

Can’t come here? That’s OK! I’ve worked with students from NJ to Israel…


1-6pm Mon-Fri. Early or late “emergency” audition prep lessons upon request.

Lessons start on the hour, and end 10 minutes before the next hour.
Contact Tracey to schedule a lesson.

Attendance and Cancellation Policy

Please be on time. Do not come up early, as you may interrupt someone else’s lesson.Be respectful of my time, your fellow students and your own career development in scheduling lessons and keeping your commitment!

48 hours’ (2 business days) notice required for cancellation or 50% lesson cost. Canceling with less than 24 hours’ notice (1 business day) requires payment in full. Every effort is made to reschedule. Exceptions are made (once per student) for sudden contagious illness or callbacks.

The life of an actor is complicated in this stressful city! Cancellation policy is not meant to penalize, but to encourage students commit to their studies, make progress, and respect the instructor’s time. Let me know immediately if there is any potential conflict or you are not feeling well. If you are contagious, we’ll reschedule. If you are not contagious but your voice is less than 100%, come to your lesson. You’ll develop strategies for off days, as you will have to perform under similar conditions when committed to performing in a show.

Students who attend weekly lessons and don’t let anything distract them from their progress vastly improve their chances of booking professional work.

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Group Workshop

NYC Musical Theatre Audition Workshop
For Actors, Singers, and Dancers

Great Class, Great Price, Great Opportunity!

  • Technique, repertoire, performance, and career advice from two industry professionals.
  • Group warm-up & individual singing (accompanist provided).
  • Experiment, grow and get feedback in a supportive environment.
  • Make a song your own * Tap into your fullest potential * Craft your story.
  • Connect with your audience * Small class * Work with peers * Improve your confidence.
  • Get to the next level and book the job!
  • Read testimonials for the group workshop!

December Workshop

This workshop is SOLD OUT, but I’m taking names for waitlist and there will be lots of video to share after.

  • 3 class series (workshop plan – RECOMMENDED) – $215
  • Individual class – $80/ea
  • Tuition is non-refundable but is transferable.
  • Pay via Venmo, (Venmo ID @Tracey-Grimaldi), to reserve your spot.
  • Questions? Contact Tracey.

Contact Tracey

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Tracey teaches at her Upper West Side studio.
Master classes and workshops at studios and performing arts facilities can be arranged upon request.

Office (Landline – No Texts) 212.579.2327
Mobile (Call or Text) 718.755.4211
Email Tracey

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