‘Hello’ Lindsey

A huge YAY! to Lindsey Bracco for booking an upcoming regional production of Hello Dolly. She’d barely returned from doing Guys and Dolls in Florida (oh, and thanks for walking in here with a gorgeous tan when we New Yorkers were still stumbling through the endless ice and black slush!) and made a beeline for my studio.  3 lessons and booked her next job – wow!


Congrats to Samantha Zack and Charlie Williams

Can’t wait for opening of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying… 2 of my students are in it!  Congrats to Samantha Zack and Charlie Williams. Speaking of Sam Z, she has always been diligent about voice lessons, even when she’s doing a show.  She was in Wicked for 3 years and made it here whenever her rehearsal & performance schedule allowed.  She even goes to open calls sometimes while doing a show, just to make sure her audition skills stay sharp.  Great strategy!